MWM Hemispheres – The Construction/Deconstruction of Parallelism

Hemispheres - The Construction/Deconstruction of Parallelism
Our brain needs chaos and disharmony to function properly and healthy. There are only four states of mind, in which both hemispheres and their bioelectrical activities are in perfect harmony and synchronization: during deep coma, schizophrenic disorders, epileptic seizures and during death. Thus, from a neurological perspective, chaos equals harmony and disorder is vital.

ECM Music – FLOW / 50 year anniversary world tour

At the core of ECM's music lies the idea of horizontal development: music never stops flowing and developing, a constant stream of time. The installation "Flow" by Lars Ullrich and Mathis Nitschke lets the visitor experience this horizontal development by involving the visitor in an analysis and visualization of the inner flow of music through digital animations.

Enjoy Complexity

Installation | Enjoy Complexity
Insights to the production "Einstein on the Beach" by Phillip Glass and Robert Wilson. Directed by Kay Voges at Oper Dortmund 2017.
The exhibition shows the process, preparations and technical depth of the visual concept. It contained the video "flight through Osaka” which showed data preparation technics for the real-time Lidar Data animation custom build for the opera realization "Einstein on the Beach”. The visual execution took place in real-time and every movement was generated and inspired by the music.

Einstein on the beach by Phillip Glass and Robert Wilson

Already before launching the first preparations, a basic principle of the staging was established: everything will be steered and controlled by the music. Video projections, stage action or use of lighting should not only illustrate the music but should be linked with it in real time: the continuous, subtle variations and phase-shifts of the music, as well as its individual layers and elements, are translated into visual impulses. The production, therefore, gains an element of proper synesthesia and allows the perception of time and space to become relative – aptly fitting to the hypnotic music and to the character of Albert Einstein.

Micropsi – AI based Nodespace navigator

Following an international call for a project proposal the team won the competition and was able to build the custom artificial intelligence node space editor. Applying the programming languages JUCE (C++) and OpenGL the original software was re-written, translated and the editor builds on top. The difficult task was to manage and zoom out to an immense and vast amount of data and perspective to navigate, operate, organize the immense information. The editor is able to oversee and handle 1 Million nodes.

My lonesome Hologram – Virtual reality installation

MY LONESOME HOLOGRAM is an interactive, virtual-reality installation in which the user is set off into a world on an island where she meets her own and other people. In the beginning of MY LONESOME HOLOGRAM the visitor of the exhibition gets filmed and sound recorded in two separate steps. In the first step the person is being interviewed by a guide in the second step she is being recorded for about 40 seconds with two 3D cameras. In a third step the visitor puts on the VR-Glasses and visits an virtual island where he encounters his own and other holograms.

Savoir Vivre – Theater / Dance performance

How does the programming industry and it’s interlinked marketing practice affect our lives, the processes of individualization and formation of our ‘self' today? Between January and May 2015 in 3 work phases,15 idealists from different creative fields came together to examine and envision an alternative communication system in an interdisciplinary and experimental sketch-like way. Savoir Vivre I: Action in Perception - Based on Alva Noë's philosophy of the mind the team approached the topic and concept of cognition// featuring: Dance and Sound.

Hamlet – Theater Dortmund

Wie oft William Shakespeares Tragödie HAMLET seit ihrer Entstehung um 1601 auf den Bühnen dieser Welt aufgeführt wurde, vermag niemand genau zu sagen. Eins aber ist sicher: Es gab in den vergangenen rund 400 Jahren Millionen von Zuschauern, die die Geschehnisse hinter den Mauern von Helsingör immer wieder neu mit offenen Herzen und Hirnen erleben wollten. Und wenn – was selten genug vorkommt – ein Theatertext die Menschen vieler Länder dermaßen konstant fasziniert, so ist oft einer der Gründe dafür, dass die Dialoge, Figuren und Fragen des Dramas Kompositionen ermöglichen, die – unabhängig von Ort und Zeit – unsere Synapsen zum Schwingen bringen. Unsere Gegenwart.

Sound of Porsche

"The Porsche pop-up store, styled like a modern record store, is an innovative, interactive way of using multimedia to tell people the story of the Porsche brand. The idea here is not merely to sell a car, as is the case in branch offices and showrooms – the primary aim of the pop-up store is to present a new, sociable way to make contact with people who are young or young at heart and let them experience the Porsche brand at close range.

Sony robot arm

"Tweet a message @talayrobot and something magical happens. An ST Robotics arm whirs to life inside Sony Music's London HQ and starts transcribing your words of wisdom unto a glamorously lit whiteboard -- in the finest handwriting font its designers could find! Best part is that the whole thing gets filmed and the video is sent back to you within a matter of minutes, equipped with an audio clip from Sony's Talay Riley. Yes, it's a promotional stunt, but it's also undeniably one of the coolest intersections of robotics and social networking we've yet seen. Skip past the break for some video examples or get tweeting and create your own.