„Tweet a message @talayrobot and something magical happens. An ST Robotics arm whirs to life inside Sony Music’s London HQ and starts transcribing your words of wisdom unto a glamorously lit whiteboard — in the finest handwriting font its designers could find! Best part is that the whole thing gets filmed and the video is sent back to you within a matter of minutes, equipped with an audio clip from Sony’s Talay Riley. Yes, it’s a promotional stunt, but it’s also undeniably one of the coolest intersections of robotics and social networking we’ve yet seen. Skip past the break for some video examples or get tweeting and create your own.

Talay Riley has launched a unique way for fans to interact with him online – with a robot arm installation that writes Twitter and Facebook messages. The installation, which currently resides in the reception of Sony Music London, consists of an industrial robot arm, which is connected to the Internet and programmed to write messages it receives from Twitter and Facebook. The robot films each message and posts back a video to the sender (and any friends they mention) of their message being written – soundtracked to Talay’s new single ‚Sergeant Smash‘, out December 13th. Fans can send the robot a tweet to @talayrobot via Twitter, or on Facebook a http://apps.facebook.com/talayrobot“ https://www.engadget.com