Micropsi Nodenet editor

In 2017/18 in an intensive creative programming effort, designer and programmer Lars Ullrich and mathematician Frank Genot designed a complex editor for an expanding artificial intelligence (AI) system by ‚Micropsi Industries’, a high-end machine learning solution & robotics company.

Following an international call for a project proposal the team won the competition and was able to build the custom artificial intelligence node space editor. Applying the programming languages JUCE (C++) and OpenGL the original software was re-written, translated and the editor builds on top. The difficult task was to manage and zoom out to an immense and vast amount of data and perspective to navigate, operate, organize the immense information. The editor is able to oversee and handle 1 Million nodes.

The software and the customized editor result in MESH, a powerful usable software tool with an extremely creative interface.



Artificial intelligence node space editor for more than 1 Million nodes.

More information about this project can be found under http://www.micropsi-industries.com/

Made with JUCE (C++) and OpenGL

Micropsi industries GmbH is building cognitive machines: They providing high-end machine learning solutions for robotics and process control.

The company was founded in 2014 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs, software engineers and scientists, most of them with cognitive science or machine learning backgrounds.
14 people, most of them at the HQ in Berlin Mitte, are working on making task-specific, on-site machine learning for industrial robotics a reality.