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Insights to the production „Einstein on the Beach“ by Phillip Glass and Robert Wilson. Directed by Kay Voges at Oper Dortmund 2017.

Lars Ullrich in his functionality as the video director of the visual design department for the multimedia opera „Einstein on the Beach” by Phillip Glass and Robert Wilson exhibited excerpts, context and processes of this complex stage performance employing computer graphics, software engineering, and computational design.

The installation took place during the theater convention festival in Dortmund in 2018. The multimedia opera was staged in 2017 in Dortmund in the planning process for the Academy for Theatre and Digitality.

The exhibition shows the process, preparations and technical depth of the visual concept. It contained the video „flight thru Osaka” which showed data preparation technics for the real-time Lidar Data animation custom build for the opera realization „Einstein on the Beach”. The visual execution took place in real time and every movement was generated and inspired by the music.

The work comprised a dataset of +80.M points (mathematical term, describing dimensions) and executed with Java and OpenGL by Lars Ullrich and his partner mathematician Frank Genot.