FLOW A/V Real-time Installation for ECM Records

At the core of ECM’s music lies the idea of horizontal development: the music never stops flowing and developing, a constant stream of time. The installation „Flow“ by Lars Ullrich and Mathis Nitschke lets the visitor experience this horizontal development by involving the visitor in analysis and visualization of the inner flow of music through digital animations.

The selection of music titles represents the variety and contrast of ECM’s catalog. On the screen, so-called particle systems generate a continuous stream of 3D objects in various forms. The forms, their impulse, their distribution, their speed of movement are selected on the basis of a physical 3D engine, whose parameters are precisely tuned to the music currently being played. By creating an abstract landscape from the music, the visitor can explore its fluid dynamics and be part of its organic behavior: The listener is drawn into the music.

The selection of music titles represents the variety and contrast of ECM’s catalog. Next to historic landmark recordings like the ones with Bennie Maupin, Paul Bley or Arvo Pärt more contemporary and special pieces are selected. Unusual for a music label to record a speech album, the recording of Bruno Ganz reciting Hölderlin marks an interesting radicalization of this idea of the inner movement: Even in language, the musical forward motion can be found.

Tuesday – Saturday 12:00-21:00 Sunday, holidays 12:00-18:00 필수Closed on every Monday, Lunar New Year’s holidays, Chuseok holidays

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