The Construction/Deconstruction of Parallelism

Our brain needs chaos and disharmony to function properly and healthy. There are only four states of mind, in which both hemispheres and their bioelectrical activities are in perfect harmony and synchronization: during deep coma, schizophrenic disorders, epileptic seizures, and during death. Thus, from a neurological perspective, chaos equals harmony and disorder is vital.

( I) Emission
(II) Reflection
(III) Neurotransmitters
(IV) Adrift
( V) Synchronicity

„Hemispheres“ is a 3d Audio/video installation developed by Lukas Taido (concept/music_www.lukas-taido.com) and Lars Ullrich (visual concepts/art) exclusively for MW:M, shown only nov 6th / 7th in the adjacent „Nineties Berlin“ hall. The music (32 channel 3D-audio) and projections (45 Meter curved screen) create a highly immersive/intense audiovisual artwork.

Wed/Thur: 8 pm-11 pm „Hemispheres“ only


„Hemispheres“ ist eine anläßlich der MW:M am 6/7. Nov im Nebengebäude („Nineties Berlin“) aufgeführte Audio-Video Installation v. Lukas Taido ( Konzept/Musik www.lukas-taido.com ) u. Lars Ullrich (Visual Art). Zeitlich/räumlich synchronisierte Musik u. Projektionen (32-Kanal 3D-Audio/45m Leinwand) erzeugen ein hochgradig immersives/intensives audiovisuelles Kunstwerk.

Mi/Do 20:00-23:00 durchgehend „Hemispheres“

Most Wanted: Music Convention

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concept & music: lukas taido
visual concepts and art: lars ullrich
iosono spatial audio technician: max röhrbein
3d -audio provided by: encircled . audio . solutions
additional audio rigging: thomas huismann
projection technician / mediaserver: emanuele musca
videofootage research and editing: johanna bock
neurologist / scientific consultant: dr. stephan teufel
thank you:
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