MWM Hemispheres - The Construction/Deconstruction of Parallelism


The Construction/Deconstruction of Parallelism


„Hemispheres“ is a 3d Audio / video installation developed by Lukas Taido (concept/ and Lars Ullrich (visual art) exclusively for MW:M, shown only nov 6th / 7th in the adjacent „Nineties Berlin“ hall. The music (32 channel 3D-audio) and projections (45 Meter curved screen) create a highly immersive / intense audiovisual artwork.

( I) Emission
(II) Reflection
(III) Neurotransmitters
(IV) Adrift
( V) Synchronicity


8pm-11pm „Hemispheres“ only


„Hemispheres“ ist eine anläßlich der MW:M am 6/7. Nov im Nebengebäude („Nineties Berlin“) aufgeführte Audio-Video Installation v. Lukas Taido ( Konzept/Musik ) u. Lars Ullrich (Visual Art). Zeitlich/räumlich synchronisierte Musik u. Projektionen (32-Kanal 3D-Audio/45m Leinwand) erzeugen ein hochgradig immersives/intensives audiovisuelles Kunstwerk.


20:00-23:00 durchgehend „Hemispheres“


„Most Wanted: Music Convention“




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concept & music: lukas taido
visual concepts and art: lars ullrich
iosono spatial audio technician: max röhrbein
3d -audio provided by: encircled . audio . solutions
additional audio rigging: thomas huismann
projection technician / mediaserver: emanuele musca
videofootage research and editing: johanna bock
neurologist / scientific consultant: dr. stephan teufel
thank you:
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ECM Music - FLOW / 50 year anniversary world tour

FLOW A/V Real-time Installation for ECM Records

At the core of ECM’s music lies the idea of horizontal development: the music never stops flowing and developing, a constant stream of time. The installation „Flow“ by Lars Ullrich and Mathis Nitschke lets the visitor experience this horizontal development by involving the visitor in analysis and visualization of the inner flow of music through digital animations.

The selection of music titles represents the variety and contrast of ECM’s catalog. On the screen, so-called particle systems generate a continuous stream of 3D objects in various forms. The forms, their impulse, their distribution, their speed of movement are selected on the basis of a physical 3D engine, whose parameters are precisely tuned to the music currently being played. By creating an abstract landscape from the music, the visitor can explore its fluid dynamics and be part of its organic behavior: The listener is drawn into the music.

The selection of music titles represents the variety and contrast of ECM’s catalog. Next to historic landmark recordings like the ones with Bennie Maupin, Paul Bley or Arvo Pärt more contemporary and special pieces are selected. Unusual for a music label to record a speech album, the recording of Bruno Ganz reciting Hölderlin marks an interesting radicalization of this idea of the inner movement: Even in language, the musical forward motion can be found.

Tuesday – Saturday 12:00-21:00 Sunday, holidays 12:00-18:00 필수Closed on every Monday, Lunar New Year’s holidays, Chuseok holidays

– For admission fee, see our “Exhibition” page
– Preschoolers must be accompanied by their parents



Storage by Hyundai Card, 248, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (B2F)

Main entrance: via the stairs on the side of the building

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Enjoy Complexity

Installation | Enjoy Complexity

Insights to the production „Einstein on the Beach“ by Phillip Glass and Robert Wilson. Directed by Kay Voges at Oper Dortmund 2017.

Lars Ullrich in his functionality as the video director of the visual design department for the multimedia opera „Einstein on the Beach” by Phillip Glass and Robert Wilson exhibited excerpts, context and processes of this complex stage performance employing computer graphics, software engineering, and computational design.

The installation took place during the theater convention festival in Dortmund in 2018. The multimedia opera was staged in 2017 in Dortmund in the planning process for the Academy for Theatre and Digitality.

The exhibition shows the process, preparations and technical depth of the visual concept. It contained the video „flight thru Osaka” which showed data preparation technics for the real-time Lidar Data animation custom build for the opera realization „Einstein on the Beach”. The visual execution took place in real time and every movement was generated and inspired by the music.

The work comprised a dataset of +80.M points (mathematical term, describing dimensions) and executed with Java and OpenGL by Lars Ullrich and his partner mathematician Frank Genot.

Sound of Porsche

The Pop-Up-Store

Dsp developer / custom Surround application

„The Porsche pop-up store, styled like a modern record store, is an innovative, interactive way of using multimedia to tell people the story of the Porsche brand. The idea here is not merely to sell a car, as is the case in branch offices and showrooms – the primary aim of the pop-up store is to present a new, sociable way to make contact with people who are young or young at heart and let them experience the Porsche brand at close range.

“The pop-up store is a new kind of supplement to customary marketing activities. It will further enhance awareness of our brand in close cooperation with the local Porsche centers” says Detlev von Platen, Managing Director of Porsche North America, who is convinced by the unusual brand presentation.

The pop-up store is divided into three areas and includes the “Soundlab”, various media stations and a Design Corner.

At the media stations, visitors can watch sixteen specially produced films about the Porsche brand, including clips for Porsche enthusiasts, such as “Porsche Exclusive – The Most Personal Car” and “A Porsche Goes to Hollywood” with animated film star Sally Carrera.

The Design Corner provides visitors with a communicative space where they can sketch what they associate with the “Sound of Porsche”. The sketches can be uploaded by way of #soundofporsche to social networks like Instagram, where there is also a contest for the best sketch.“